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Land Protection

We protect land and water for all living things.

To date we have protected 1,550 acres mostly in Northern Oakland County. 

We maintain 7 public preserves with demonstration gardens, walking trails and educational signage.

Our staff and volunteers inspect 59 properties each year.

Your Blue Heron Headwaters protected wetlands feed clean water into the headwaters of 4 rivers 

What is a Conservancy?

Our Role

How does a Land Conservancy Work? Land conservancies are suited better than any other organization to safeguard Michigan's natural beauty and the conservation values of our most important lands. To do this, land conservancies use the following suite of tools to protect and steward land forever:


Nature Preserves or Sanctuaries 

Lands are acquired through donation or purchase to be used as a nature preserve or sanctuary. Often, these lands are open to the general public to visit and enjoy.

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