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Plant for Pollinators

Plant for Pollinators
One of the best ways we can help the environment at home is to use native plants in our gardens and lawns. Native plants are better for pollinators — including bees, insects, butterflies and even hummingbirds — because they provide wildlife with the proper food and shelter they need to survive. Native plants also save you money. They don't require expensive watering systems, poisonous chemicals and expensive fertilizers. 

To guarantee success, make sure to research the germination, planting times and site conditions each native species requires, and you will be pleased with a forever garden within two years. An excellent resource for growing guides and selecting the best plants for your area is the Pollinator Partnership


How to Find Native Plants in my Area

Blue Heron Headwaters Native Plant Sale 

Held in June and September in Nieman's Family Market Parking Lot (Dixie highway and White Lake Rd, Clarkston) A fundraiser to support our conservancy, plus our knowledgeable native plant volunteers will be there to answer your question! See our Events page for details.  

Rochester Pollinators 

sells seed packets through Etsy 

WildType Native Plants

Visit website for days they are open to the public

Michigan Wildflower Farm 

sells seeds online

​Prairie Moon 

ships plants from Minnesota nursery

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