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Empowering Daisy Troop 77814 to Protect Turtle Habitats

We are so grateful for the assistance extended by our local Daisy Troop in safeguarding the turtles at our Sashabaw Creek preserve and other locations. Their efforts in building turtle next protectors showcased their passion for environmental conservation highlighted by their willingness and enthusiasm to learn about and actively contribute towards protecting wildlife habitats.

Through our partnership with the Daisy Troop, we improved conservation initiatives focused on decreasing predation, educated about habitat destruction, and assisted turtles in avoiding road accidents. The creation of nest protectors not only acts as a physical defense for turtle nests but also represents the significance of conservation efforts.

The involvement of the Daisy Troop not only had a positive impact on the turtles but also fostered a sense of environmental stewardship among the girls. Through this hands-on experience, they were able to witness firsthand the importance of protecting and nurturing our natural world, empowering in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or having a volunteer day for your organization please sign up through our online form or call our office at 248.795.2808.

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