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Fred Roeser Stewardship Fund

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Fred Roeser Stewardship Fund

Fredrick L. Roeser, D.D.S., fondly remembered as "Fred," was a founding member of our conservancy in 1972, then known as Independence Land Conservancy. His appreciation for nature and desire to make a difference drove him to focus on the ethical responsibility of care, planning, and management of the precious land and natural resources here in Northern Oakland County. 

Fred was an Eagle Scout exploring the hills and watersheds of Michigan, camping, fishing, and hiking in his youth. He studied his surroundings and quickly learned everything is connected. Later in life, he graduated with a degree in Geology and deepened his connection to the Earth and its vast time-span. However, he never let the grand scale of forces beyond his control get in the way of making small changes, which he knew could add up to make a big difference.

With over 40 years of dedication to BHHC's mission and land stewardship, Fred embodied the Scout Code: "Cheerful: Look for the bright side of life… Try to help others be happy" and inspired many others to love and care for our land and water. His son Todd Roeser serves on our Board of Directors, continuing his dad's work.  

Today, his family and BHHC remember Fred's legacy by dedicating this fund in his name and continuing the work he so passionately prioritized. By contributing to the Fred Roeser Stewardship Fund, you can help us preserve and steward our land for future generations. Your gift will help us maintain protected land and water while effectively managing BHHC's Stewardship Program founded by our friend Fred.

Stewardship activities Include:

  • Invasive species removal & maintenance

  • Native seed collecting & dispersing

  • ​Trail maintenance 

  • Monitor properties

  • Litter & Debris removal

  • Wildlife habitat improvement 

  • Manage waterways & floodplains

  • Planting native flowers, trees, and bushes

To become a stewardship volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application below.

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