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Make Your Own Seedballs


2 cups of clay cat litter (non clumping and without additives)
2 cups of seed starter soil or other light sterile soil
Native seeds spread on a paper plate

1. Mix cat litter and seed starter thoroughly. Add water to moisten, but not to make it soggy.

2. Form quarter sized seed balls by squishing the clay mixture in your hand.

3. Roll seedball over native seeds that are spread very thinly so that only 8-10 seeds adhere to the surface of each seedball.

​4. Set aside to dry for a couple of days.

​Throw out randomly where you want the native plants to grow. Works best in a bare area or garden where there isn't much competition for the seedlings. They will start germinating after the first rain when the seedballs dissolve.

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An important part of the work of a land conservancy is replacing invasive species with native ones. One way we do this at BHHC is to create seedballs with native seeds that we distribute on our properties. To purchase native seeds, find our list here

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